How to produce LED wall washing lamp

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Flexible wall washing lamp can be widely used in architectural engineering, decorative lighting, KTV entertainment, bridges and wharves, etc. it can also outline the shape of buildings. Energy saving and environmental protection wall washing lamp is widely replaced by LED wall washing lamp.


Below is the basic producing process of led wall washing lamp:

1. First, apply a little thermal conductive adhesive on the intact aluminum substrate to assist the wall washing radiator to dissipate heat, and then solder the lamp beads one by one;

2. Install the shell of the wall washing lamp on the plate of the welded lamp bead, and seal the two grooves beside. It is convenient to pour glue without leakage;

3. What we need to notice when pouring the glue is to carefully pour some silica gel (white glue or black glue) which is easy to dry into the slot of the wall washing lamp. Pouring glue can also achieve the function of waterproof and heat dissipation;

4. After the silica gel is dried, the lamp manufacturers should carefully check whether the lamp beads are covered by the glue, and if so, clean them;

5. Cover the panel glass of the LED wall washing lamp, and then install the group head. The production of LED wall washing lamp finally finished;


The wall washing lamp is a kind of landscape lighting lamp specially designed for building facade. The product has beautiful appearance and uniform light. It adopts toughened glass dispensing process, with smooth surface and no screw hole; The high-power wall washing lamp has self-cleaning function, does not accumulate dust, and ensures the heat dissipation performance of the lamp body; The unique installation method makes the installation and maintenance of lamps more simple and convenient, and meets the installation requirements of special narrow space. The main application fields of wall washing lamp are: green landscape lighting, advertising license plate and other special facilities lighting; Bars, dance halls and other entertainment places, such as atmosphere lighting.

The wall washing lamp applies rigorous industrial design, with unique appearance, compact and firm, safe and reliable features, easy to operate, good short-range color mixing without shadow, and ultra-high lumen output. This floodlight is a point light source that can irradiate evenly in all directions. It is mainly used for decorative lighting of building outline, overpass, monument, column, flower bed and other places.


Led wall washing lamp mainly used for outdoor lighting. When making LED wall washing lamp, manufacturers need to use sealant to improve the waterproof performance of LED wall washing lamp, so as to control the possibility of water inflow as low as possible. Aluminum material is used as the lamp body to improve its heat dissipation performance and prevent damage after exposure to the sun. In fact, a regular wall washing lamp manufacturer will deal with these problems, so generally there will be no problem, to better serve our customers, we should always remember to elaborately build each LED wall washing lamp.

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