How to make neon lights

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The way to make neon lights is to use low melting point sodium-calcium silicate glass as a lamp, according to the need to design different patterns and text, with spray lamp processing, and then sintering electrodes, and then with vacuum pump emptying, and according to the required color filled with different rare gases made. Modern neon lights are more exquisite, some will bend the glass tube into a variety of folding shapes, make more moving graphics, and some in the lamp wall coated with fluorescent powder, so that the color is brighter and more colorful, some neon lights loaded with automatic igniter, so that a variety of colors of light was out, intersecting, so that the city night become colorful. Neon lights have been in existence for hundreds of years since they came out in 1910. It is a special low-pressure cold cathode glow discharge luminescent electric light source, but different from other such as fluorescent lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, mercury lamps, incandescent lamps and other arc lamps. Neon lights are by filling into the glass tube of low-pressure inert gas, in the high voltage electric field cold cathode glow discharge and glow.

The light color of neon lights is determined by the spectral characteristics of the inert gas: light tubular neon lights filled with neon gas, neon lights red light; fluorescent neon lights filled with argon and mercury, neon lights blue, yellow and other light, these two types of neon lights are by the lamp inside the working gas atomic excitation radiation luminescence.

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