Glass Neon and LED Neon

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Neon signs made of flexible LEDs are rapidly spreading. But are LED lights that look like neon signs a better choice than real glass neon signs? What is the difference between the artificial neon sign and the retro-style glass tube sign? Are they comparable? For indoor wall art, outdoor commercial signage or portable event signage, which option is preferable?

Let's examine some of the main differences between glass neon signs and LED signs, which look like modern versions of the iconic retro signs that we are all very familiar with.


Which is more suitable for commercial signage?

Much depends on the size of the logo, where the logo is installed and what you want to do. For enterprises, the most likely considerations are:

· Contains attractiveness and aesthetics-both signs are good at attracting people's attention. Some people believe that, in terms of appearance, retro-style neon lights have a clear lead in LED flexibility, and given its extremely high following, certain types of stores may indeed be the case. However, artificial neon LED signs are very popular for their bright, clean, and modern appearance, and are quickly surpassing their "noble" competitors.

· Attracting attention-there is no doubt that LED lights are definitely brighter and you can even see flashes during the day, while the light from glass tube neon lights is much softer and more conspicuous after dark.

· Space requirements-This is not a problem for all businesses, but small cafes or shops may prefer LEDs because it is 1/4 to 1/3 thinner than glass options. They are also very lightweight and can be simply placed on the counter (with bracket), hung somewhere or wall-mounted.

· Total Cost-When you include any professional installation requirements, design and manufacturing maintenance and replacement, LEDs are almost always the most cost-effective choice.

· Energy saving-LED signs are the best choice here, because LED signs are 10 times more energy efficient than the same signs made of glass neon tubes.

· Versatility-LED lights have a wider range of colors and can be bent more tightly, thus providing a better choice for the shape and style of the sign. The animation option is also better because it can pair LED flex with other signage media (for example, channel letters or UV printing) to create spectacular effects.

·Safety-Neon glass is fragile and easy to heat up. LED lights are wrapped in a flexible material, usually attached to a shatter-proof acrylic backplane, they don't even get very warm, and they generate less heat.

Which type of luminous signboard is more suitable for indoor wall art?

Few people have glass neon signs in their homes, and people who usually hang them in the home bar area. For example, it is very unusual to find glass tube neon lights in children's rooms. This is mainly because glass neon lights get warmer and tend to break easily. On the contrary, artificial neon signs made of LED neon lights are resistant to drop and feel cool in the hand. They are also free of glass and mercury, making them a safer choice for household use. Even if you are not worried about children, LED signs may be a better choice for indoor wall art, simply because they are lighter and easier to install or hang without the need for an electrician.

Are glass neon lights or LED signs more portable?

Weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, trade shows, sporting events, art installations, music festivals-all can benefit from illuminated signage. Traditional glass neon lights can be used, but usually not due to size, weight, fragility and cost, let alone installation requirements. On the other hand, LED signs are very durable, lightweight and easy to transport. Coupled with the lower price point of LED flexible signs, coupled with the fact that you only need to hang them up and plug them into a power source, they are a great choice for event signs.

LED Neon Flex vs Glass Neon – Which is Best?





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