Does ultraviolet light directly irradiate the human body for sterilize?

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Ultraviolet rays are widely used in the disinfection of daily indoor air, surface of objects, water and other liquids. Even the new coronavirus cannot escape the "sanctions" of ultraviolet rays. The "Diagnosis and Treatment Plan" shows that the new coronavirus is sensitive to ultraviolet light.


Then, can ultraviolet rays be disinfected by direct irradiation of the skin?


The answer is yes. The ultraviolet rays that we said before that cannot be used in living bodies refer to ordinary 254nm, 265nm -280nm ultraviolet rays. Their ultraviolet rays can penetrate cells and cause death. Therefore, when disinfecting with ultraviolet rays, be careful not to directly irradiate human skin. , Especially the human eyes, when the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is on, you must not look directly at the lamp. However, if you scientifically control the wavelength and dosage of ultraviolet rays and use special equipment, ultraviolet rays can be "altered" and become a helper in the treatment of skin diseases. After years of research and development, ultraviolet rays have been gradually used in the treatment of skin diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, and polymorphic solar eruption.


         Nowadays, researchers have discovered a new kind of ultraviolet far 222nm, which can sterilize without harming the human body, and can be used safely against the new coronavirus. If you want to know more details, please click here contact us.

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