Do you really know the high-power wall washer?

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   High-power wall washer has a great advantage in outdoor landscape lighting. Its cost management is much lower than that of other LED lighting companies, and the effect it exhibits is excellent in development, not only itself The lamp body is relatively durable, has a long life, and also has a very good energy-saving technical effect.

   The power of the wall washer manufacturer determines its projection distance. Generally, there are 18W, 24W, 36W, 48W and other parameters. But the power is not fixed. The power can be flexibly changed according to requirements. Generally, high-power LED wall washers refer to a single row, and multiple rows are called linear LED floodlights.

   It is worth noting that, due to heat dissipation issues, it is best to use a single 1W 1 meter wall washer lamp not to exceed 36W, otherwise, poor heat dissipation will cause severe light decay. The LED wall washer allows the light to wash through the wall like water. It is mainly used for architectural decoration lighting and also used to outline the outline of large buildings. Because LED has the characteristics of energy saving, high luminous efficiency, rich color, long life, etc., in 2013, other light source wall washer lamps were gradually replaced by LED wall washer lamps. The wall washer uses Puwei's waterproof and breathable valve to solve the problem of balanced pressure difference and waterproofing between the inside and outside of the lamp. At the same time, the strip-shaped heat dissipation device appears to be better. Therefore, the high-power wall washer can be favored by the majority of construction companies in time.


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   (1) As a semiconductor component, the effective service life of LED lights can reach 50,000 hours, which is much higher than the 15,000 hours of high-power wall washer.

   (2) From the light-emitting mechanism, the high-power wall washer uses mercury vapor to emit light. After the light source is abandoned, if we cannot obtain effective information processing, it will inevitably affect the corresponding environment and pollution of the enterprise. LEDs, etc. use solid-state lighting, there are no substances harmful to human health, and it is a light source for the development of green ecology and environmental protection.

   (3) In the high-power wall washer, the light distribution curve needs to be determined by the reflector, so the enterprise has the limitation that has a great influence; in the LED lamp, the distributed light source is used, which is effective for each electric light source. Teaching design can develop so that the light source of Chinese lamps and lanterns presents an ideal life state, realizes the reasonable adjustment of the light distribution curve, and controls the distribution of ambient light. Within the effective way of illuminating the lamp, the illuminance is relatively good. Evenly.

   (4) Compared with the high-power wall washer, the color rendering index of led lights can reach 80 or more, which is very close to natural light. Under this kind of illumination, the recognition function of the human eye can be effectively exerted, thereby ensuring the safety of road traffic.

   (5) When the lamp is switched on and the wall washer needs to be warmed up, it takes some time for the light to go from dark to dark, which will not only cause a waste of energy, but also affect the effective implementation of intelligent control. In contrast, the high-power wall washer can achieve good lighting at this moment, the so-called start-up time does not exist, and it is possible to achieve good energy-saving intelligent control.

   (6) From the optical analysis system, it belongs to the omni-directional emission high-power light wall washer, and more than 50% of the light is irradiated. After the reflection is reflected to the ground, it is inevitable that some light will be lost during the reflection process. Affect its use. The unidirectional LED light-emitting part, the light can be irradiated directly, so the efficiency is relatively high.

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