Do you know differences among 222nm 275nm 254nm and 405nm ?

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Does your company have 222nm UVC LED?

The most recent customer inquiries received is 222nm wavelength deep ultraviolet lamp beads. As foreign research institutes proved that this wavelength of UVC is sterile and harmless to the skin, 222nm became a hot spot in media reports and market attention. This scene also appeared at the beginning of the year, but at that time everyone was looking for 254nm UVC LEDs. There are two main reasons for this phenomenon. One is that the ultraviolet sterilization market is too hot, and various industries have poured in. The second is that UVC LED is in the initial development stage and the market awareness is insufficient.

The well-known ultraviolet sterilization bands are 254nm, 275nm, 222nm, 405nm. In order to let friends know these bands better, Yinyueguang Technology will talk to you about this topic today.



This band is commonly used in ultraviolet mercury lamps. It uses low-pressure mercury vapor to radiate ultraviolet rays during discharge. Low-pressure mercury vapor mainly produces 254nm and 185nm ultraviolet rays. The characteristic wavelength of the mercury lamp for sterilization is 253.7nm, and its radiation power reaches watts. (W) level, has a wide range of applications in a large space environment, and has a good sterilization effect.

In the past, ultraviolet mercury lamps were considered the best choice for disinfection and sterilization, including most germicidal lamps on the market today are still 254nm mercury lamps. However, compared with UV LED lamps, mercury lamps have disadvantages such as large size, high energy consumption, long warm-up time, and mercury content. Under the influence of the international Minamata Convention, they will withdraw from the stage of history in a relatively short period of time. UV LED will have huge application space.



Deep-ultraviolet LEDs are different from mercury lamps. The characteristic wavelengths of mainstream products of deep-ultraviolet LEDs are 275-280nm. 253.7nm and 275nm are on both sides of the DNA absorption peak wavelength of 265nm respectively. They have almost the same DNA absorption value, so they have almost the same sterilization efficiency. .

Ultraviolet LED has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, instant light and other advantages. It can enclose ultraviolet rays in a small space. The leakage of ultraviolet rays is easy to prevent and control. It can coexist with man and machine and has obvious advantages in practical applications. With the advancement of UV LED technology, UVC LEDs that are smaller, more powerful, non-toxic, longer-lived, more energy-efficient, and allow more switching times have become a new choice for sterilization light sources. It is worth mentioning that recently, Yinyueguang Technology has developed and launched a 255nm UVC LED, which is expected to be mass-produced in the second half of the year.



This band is the 222nm germicidal LED that everyone was looking for at the beginning of the article. Recently, researchers from several well-known foreign universities and institutions have discovered that ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 222nm cannot penetrate the stratum corneum of human skin, is harmless to the human body, and has the same sterilization effect as traditional ultraviolet lamps. This news has attracted the market. Report and follow. The actual situation is that this work is still in the laboratory research stage, and there is still a long way to go before the industrial application. So, please be safe and restless (don't waste time looking for it).


The 405nm violet light (which can also be included in the UVA range) has a certain sterilization ability. The researchers used a 18150mW 405nm light source to irradiate E. coli at a distance of 50cm for 9 hours to obtain a sterilization efficiency of 99.9%. This method has low sterilization efficiency, high light source power required, and difficult heat dissipation, which greatly limits its wide application.

Based on the simple analysis of the various bands above, I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of these bands. Ultraviolet sterilization has the advantages of broad spectrum, high efficiency, and environmental protection. It is the most suitable sterilization method for daily life. Yinyueguang Technology believes that ultraviolet LED light source will play an important role in future life and production.

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