Difference between RGB and RGBW

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    RGB LED strips and LED bulbs are used in applications that require colored lighting. RGB LEDs can be customized and have a wide range of colors. The new strong competitor of RGB LED is RGB+W LED. The white LED chis are added to the RGB (red, green, blue) combination. Therefore, the RGB+W LED was created.

    What is the difference between RGB and RGBW LED lights?


    The standard RGB LED strip uses a three-in-one LED chip composed of red, green, and blue chips. It can produce multiple colors by mixing these three colors, and looks almost white at full brightness in all three cases.

    In addition to the red, green, and blue LED chips, RGB+W LED also has a white LED chip. Although RGB LED produces a color close to white, it cannot produce a pure white tone. Additional white LED chips can obtain more realistic and brighter white light.

    RGBW bar LEDs and LED bulbs are more expensive than RGB alternatives. But they are more flexible and talented products.

    How to identify RGB and RGBW?

    The connectors on the RGB and RGBW LED strips can be easily identified. There are 4 pins on the RGB LED light bar, and 5 pins on the RGBW LED light bar.

RGB lighting equipment has four output controllers, and RGBW equipment has five output controllers. The RGBW light source cannot be used with the RGB controller.

    How to install RGB and RGBW?

    Their installation is no different from each other. When using the correct controller, installing and operating the RGBW system for the first time is not complicated. However, RGBW can be complicated in terms of control because it contains additional functions.

    Is the controller different?

    Yes it is. The RGB+W lighting controller has five outputs, one for each color and one for the power supply. Since RGB has one chip less, only four are needed. The functions of the controls must also be different to control the white part of the LED in RGB+W.

    Choose RGB or RGBW?

    This requires consideration of the application. The use of RGB is sufficient to achieve colorful decorative lighting or require secret light strips. RGBW will be the right choice for task lighting that requires bright white.

    According to the type of chip added to the RGB chip, some abbreviations can be used, for example; RGBWW (RGB+warm white), RGBCW (RGB+cool white), RGBNW (RGB+Notr white).

    Suntech provides three versions of RGB and RGBW LED strips according to the waterproof level. you can choose:

    Standard non-waterproof typeIP20,

    IP65 coating type, 

    IP67 waterproof type.

    The waterproof option allows you to install color-changing RGB / RGBW LED strips in places where waterproofing is required (such as kitchens, bathrooms, etc.). They can also be installed externally, making them ideal for signage.

    For our IP67 RGB and RGBW LED strips, we use the same heat shrink coating, but we also completely seal the ends with glue. The IP67 rating means that your light bars are completely waterproof, but please note that they should not be installed in any location that is permanently submerged (for example in a pond)

    More info please contact sales@suntechleds.com.

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