Are UV LED corn bulbs actually fake and emit no UV rays? How to distinguish the real from the fake?

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It is ture that the fakes will still be UV emitting bulbs, but that they will be the much cheaper UV-A bulbs rather than the UV-C emitting LED.


See the difference here between UVA and UVC:

UVA ranges from 320nm ~400nm, in market mostly is 365nm and 400nm.

UVC ranges from 250nm~280nm, mostly is in market is 275nm.

UVC can kill DNA and Coronavirus, while UVA is not able to.


For disinfection you need to choose UVC. It’s great for cleaning smooth surfaces without leaving any chemical traces. 

Suntech UVC led strip

The reasons that there are a lot of fakes around include:


1. More and moer people are looking for ways to minimise virus risks.

2. Entrepreneurs of all types see an opportunity. UVA chip is around 20USD per 1000pcs, while UVC is 2000USD per 1000pcs or more. That is why so many fake UVC products in market.

3.Last but not least, UVC LEDs are very expensive than UVA LEDs at the moment.


How to distinguish the real from the fake?

Before buying you need first to apply below test:

1.Are the bulbs cheaper than the assembler could by UVC LEDs in bulk?(Cheaper is fake )

2.Is there a glass envelope? If so is it specified to be silica? (Other glasses absorb UVC)

3.Does the supplier warn you about danger to skin and to your cornea ?(He should)

4. At last,to know if the UVC lamp is real or not, recommend you use a UV meter that can measure UVC 230–280nm as below: 

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