An important point between led luminaires and power supplies

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As the LED in the working process will emit a lot of heat, so that the core junction temperature rise rapidly, the higher the LED power, the greater the heating effect. The increase of the temperature of the LED chip will lead to the change of the performance of the luminescent device and the attenuation of electro-optical conversion efficiency, serious or even failure, according to the experimental test shows that the LED itself temperature increases by 5 degrees Celsius, the luminous flux drops 3%, so LED lamps must pay attention to the LED light source itself heat dissipation work,

In the possible case to maximize the LED light source of its own heat dissipation area, as far as possible to reduce the LED itself operating temperature, if the conditions allow, it is best to be able to separate the power supply part from the light source part, blindly pursue small volume and ignore the lighting and power supply operating temperature is not advisable.

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