About design of led pixel dot light project --- Seven things you need to know

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      LED pixel dot light  lighting design refers to a design that uses lights to decorate the environment. Generally, point light source lighting design is used in large public places such as hotels, shopping malls, and urban landscapes. So what issues should designers pay attention to when designing point light sources? Let's take a look at the new starting point photoelectric

      Suntech pixel point light characteristics:

It can be programmed to control multiple synchronous changes at will, and can realize full-color change effects such as synchronous colorful, jump, scan, and water flow. It can also form a dot matrix screen with multiple point light sources to change various pictures, texts, animation effects, etc.; Features such as low power and long life.

      1. Analyze the usage of the building and choose the appropriate lighting method

      The building types are divided into office buildings, commercial buildings, residential buildings, industrial buildings, ancient buildings, etc. Because of different building uses, the lighting design is also different. For example, office buildings usually use white, gold and full-color lights to express the atmosphere.

Golden light is mostly used in ancient buildings, golden light and warm white light are used in hospitals, and golden and full-color lights are mostly used in commercial streets. The lighting mode can combine different lighting methods, can enhance the lighting effect of different buildings on both sides, and better enhance the sense of hierarchy of the building.

      2. Determine the lighting brightness of the building according to the surrounding environment

At the beginning of the design, the surrounding environment is analyzed, and preliminary brightness positioning is performed according to the brightness of the surrounding buildings, and then the brightness distribution of each part of the designed building is arranged in an orderly and quantitative manner. In addition to overall brightness control, there should also be requirements for height and uniformity.

       3. Demonstrate the architectural emotions and make rational use of light colors

      The color of lamps and lanterns is oriented, emotional and symbolic. The clever use of architectural lighting colors is one of the important ways to express architectural culture and characteristics in the entire architectural lighting design plan, which can shape the image and classical atmosphere of the building and enhance the attraction of the building Force plays a very important role.

      4. Coordination between night and day

      One point that cannot be ignored in the design of the point light source lighting project is the coordination of the lighting equipment during the day and the surrounding environment. Not only must it be bright at night, but also beautiful at night, but also pay attention to the lighting equipment in the daytime, which will not cause cumbersomeness. It requires the designer's careful thinking. .

      5. Consider the quality of lamps and lanterns to ensure the effect of implementation

      In the design process, designers should pay attention to the selection of lamps, choose suitable high-quality lamps, and conduct experiments on lamps to ensure that different types of lamps have similar power and beam angles. At the same time, because of the large number of people at night, especially children and the elderly, these people themselves are curious about artistic lighting and do not know what to pay attention to. If the safety of the lamps is poor, people's eyes will be irritated and troublesome. There is also a large amount of pollution when the lamp is heated for a long time without the environmental protection function. You need to pay attention to the quality, environmental performance and safety protection of the lamp when selecting the lamp.

      6. Consider the perspective and strictly formulate standards

The concealment of lighting installation is the key to determining the charm of the building during the day and the image at night. The light source was installed secretly. Dark lights and lanterns are essential. Reasonable hiding of lamps and wires can not only maintain the original appearance of the building, but also protect the wires reasonably.

      7. Reasonable planning

      When carrying out the point light source lighting engineering design, a reasonable overall planning is required. Peripheral factors and other lighting factors must be taken into consideration to avoid chaos and disorder, otherwise the visual effect brought to people at night will not only be ineffective. For aesthetic purposes, it makes the night environment messy.

      Suntech photoelectric LED point light source lighting is mainly used for landscape lighting of large buildings, buried landscape lighting in parks, large bridges, building outlines and other landscape lighting. It can also be combined in any form at will, such as spherical screens, arcs The display effect of personalized advertising screens such as shaped screens, curved screens, asymmetrical screens, underground screens, and underwater screens will not change. Because the light source has its own performance to increase the service life outdoors, it is not afraid of rain and sunlight at all, and the device is simple, easy to control and operate.

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