222nm Far UV Disinfection Lighting for the Transportation Industry

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August 12, 2020-Cleveland-based Barons Bus is the first bus operator in the United States to install FAR UV Lighting on vehicles.

"We have the ability to continuously disinfect while the bus is driving. This is very different from sprays and all other methods, just because you have to wait until people get out of the car to re-spray, because this kind of light has the ability to constantly The ability to perform disinfection." Barons Vice President Patrick Goebel said. "This is also safe for human skin and eyes, which is also different from other ultraviolet lighting. Therefore, this really caught our attention."


PJ Piper, CEO of FAR UV Technologies in Kansas City, said that lighting technology is a breakthrough technology that can effectively kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that can cause COVID-19) in residents. In space. Missouri State Corporation. Piper said these fixtures are installed inside the bus and use ultraviolet light that does not produce or use harmful chemicals to continuously purify the air.

He pointed out that FAR UV lighting has been used for disinfection in hospitals, operating rooms and doctors' offices. Piper said that light disinfection (wavelength 222nm) can provide safe, practical and effective countermeasures against infectious diseases and pathogens in the air environment for humans and animals.


Preliminary results

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center are conducting a study that is currently under peer review. The results show that K light does not penetrate the skin or eyes. This is a common problem with other UV-C lamps that are known to be harmful to humans. . Although its antiviral and bacterial efficacy is well known, studies have shown that UV-C light with a wavelength of 254 nm cannot disinfect human tissues or the space occupied by it, without causing adverse effects and long-term damage.

According to the FAR UV Technologies website, research from other academic research institutions supports the discovery of this new 222 nm ultraviolet technology. The company also conducted research based on NASA and military grants. When the COVID-19 pandemic, the company saw the potential to use the technology to eradicate the new coronavirus and reduce the negative impact of human-to-human infectious diseases in shared spaces.


Lighting place

Barons president Tom Goebel (Tom Goebel) said that it takes about an hour to install the equipment on the bus. The company contacted MCI to determine the best lighting location similar to a smoke detector.

This technology has been installed in Barons' 51 electric buses.

"MCI is very supportive. They have worked very well with us and I am happy to see it. Everyone has come up with various ways to control this virus, but I really think this is the best way," Tom said.

Barons Bus produced flyers to educate customers about the technology and its differences from other UV technologies.

"The biggest challenge I want to say is to make sure they understand that it is not harmful to them. We are working hard to promote it to be continuously disinfected, so when you are sitting there breathing, this thing is facing you two rows behind you or three rows in front of you. Anything sent by the platoon is continuously disinfected." said.

USD 2500 per coach

The technology is being installed in Barons’ 51 electric trainers. The cost of a car (including installation costs) is approximately $2500. The company also cooperated with Ohio to install K lights in its school bus fleet.

"We are focusing on making drivers and customers safer and bringing back the demand for our business because customers will ride our buses with confidence. We really can't provide financial figures for this," Patrick said. "We also installed UV lighting in MCI's blower system to provide dual support. Therefore, after completing the product and maintenance costs, we will spend nearly $300,000."

He is inviting other car operators to contact him to learn more about how the technology works, adding that Barons has no financial interest in the lighting company and will not benefit from future sales of the product to other operators.

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