WS2811 LED Strip & Extension Cord & Power Supply Sent To Italy Client

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We can customize the addressable light strips that customers want. The Italian customer for this order requires RGB WS2811-24v, 60led/m, customized length is 16.2m and 13.7m.

The customer also purchased 10m and 20m extension cords, power supplies, and Connector 3-pole from us.

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Communication Process:




Customer-provided product list:


Product Detailed Photos:

16.2m RGB WS2811-24v, 60led/m(IP67)

More details:



Extension cords


                        11686482d9f387daa9b37a0ae8d2589  8bdef8893c9edaabf1a79539aab3799

Power supply


Connector 3-pole



Free controller give to customer

More details:



Packing and Loading


Customer Feedback:

The Italian customer installed the colorful LED strip Christmas tree  and sent us some videos and photos:



Video from the customer

Photos from the customer

LED Christmas treeLED Christmas tree

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