Three Bad Causes And Countermeasures Of LED Lamp With Fake Death

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LED lamp belt in the production process will appear led false death phenomenon (that is, LED is not lit), this phenomenon in the 5050LED lamp belt is the most likely to appear.

The causes of this phenomenon are as follows:

1, electrostatic burnout: Because the LED is electrostatic sensitive components, therefore, if in the production process for electrostatic protection work is not done well, will be because of static electricity and burn the LED chip, resulting in LED lights with false death phenomenon occurred.

The measure to prevent this phenomenon is to strengthen electrostatic protection, any contact with LED employees, must be in accordance with the provisions of anti-static gloves, electrostatic rings, tools and instruments must be well grounded.

2, high temperature damage: Led resistance to high temperature performance is not good, therefore, if in the production and maintenance process for LED welding temperature and welding time does not control, will be due to ultra-high temperature or continuous high temperature caused by led chip damage, resulting in LED lamp belt false death phenomenon.

Measures to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon are: do a good job of reflow welding and soldering iron temperature control, the implementation of a person responsible for special file management, soldering iron using temperature control soldering iron, effectively prevent soldering iron high temperature led chip.

3, moisture in the high temperature burst: LED Package if long-term exposure to the air will suck tide, before use if not after dehumidification treatment, in the reflow welding will be due to high temperature in the lead package, long time cycle caused by the thermal expansion of the LED packaging, resulting in the LED package burst, resulting in an indirect led chip overheating and damage.

Solution: LED storage environment to constant temperature and humidity, unused LEDs in the next use must be placed in the oven around 80° baking 6-8 hours for dehumidification treatment, to ensure that the use of LEDs will not have moisture absorption phenomenon.

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