LED Lighting Technology 8 The Future Development Trend

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With the continuous improvement of LED technology, the relevant LED application products have also been more and more attention, among which, lighting LED lamps is a very important one.

The following is an introduction to the future development trend of LED lighting technology:

1, the abandonment of the current LED lamps is only a traditional luminaire plus led luminescent module design method, to fully consider the LED optical characteristics, the development of LED special lamps.

2, power supply and control circuit design, power supply to change the current commonly used capacitance buck and impedance voltage division application, the design of a reasonable small current constant current source circuit, in the drive current in the use of clock cycle modulation, improve the stability of LED lamps, while further improving the efficiency of the power supply.

3, in the control circuit circuit design, to centralized control, standard modularization, System scalability three aspects of development.

4, in the current LED light efficiency and limited luminous flux under the circumstances, give full play to the characteristics of LED color diversity, the development of discoloration LED lighting control circuit.

5, play the advantages of LED, the development of LED lighting and photovoltaic system combined with the luminaire system.

6, the development of integrated flat-panel light source system suitable for indoor lighting, the development trend is LED lighting and building integration.

7, the development of LED Luminaire simulation system to speed up product development.

8, the development of solar energy and high-brightness LED integration technology, to solve the solar cell system and LED lighting system matching and control technology.

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