How To Identify The Quality Of LED Lamp Belt

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LED lamp Belt production because of the low threshold of stepping in, so there are many people on this project. However, experienced people still have the means to identify, the regular manufacturer of LED light belt and Shanzhai version of the LED light belt (that is, in the rental housing in the whole people's work industry produced products) can be seen from the appearance of a glance.

There are mainly the following aspects: 1, look at the solder spot. The LED lamp belt produced by the regular LED lamp belt manufacturer is produced by SMT Patch process, using solder paste and reflow welding process. As a result, the solder joints on the LED lamp belt are relatively smooth and the amount of solder will not be much, the solder joint is arc-shaped from the FPC pad to the LED electrode extension.

and Shanzhai version of the LED lamp belt welding spot soldering tin content is not uniform, more than a dot wrapped in the solder foot, at the same time there will be different degrees of tin tip, which is a typical phenomenon of manual welding. 2, look at the FPC quality. The FPC is divided into two kinds of copper and calendering copper, copper foil coated copper is convex out, a closer look can be seen from the weld plate and FPC connection. and Calendering copper is closely and FPC connected as one, can be arbitrarily bent without the appearance of pad shedding phenomenon.

Copper plate if bending too much will appear pad shedding, maintenance when the temperature is too high will also cause the pad to fall off. 3. Look at the cleanliness of the LED lamp belt surface. If the use of SMT process production of LED light belt, its surface cleanliness is very good, can not see any impurities and stains.

However, if the use of hand welding process production of Shanzhai version of the LED lamp belt, its surface no matter how to clean, there will be residual stains and cleaning traces, at the same time on the FPC surface will be helpful flux and tin slag residue. 4, look at the packaging. Regular LED lamp belt will use anti-static coil plate packaging, generally 5.1-meter rolls or 10.1-meter rolls, and then outside the use of anti-static moisture-proof packaging bag seal.

And the Shanzhai version of the LED lamp belt will be due to save costs, and the use of recycled reel tray, and then there is no anti-static moisture-proof packaging bag, carefully look at the reel plate can see the appearance of the removal of labels left traces and scratches. 5, look at the label. Regular LED lights with bags and reel plates will have printed labels instead of printed labels.

And the Shanzhai version of the label is printed, at the same time the specifications and parameters are not uniform. 6, look at the attachment.

The regular LED light belt will be attached to the box using instructions and lamp belt specifications, but also equipped with LED lamp Belt connector or card holder, and Shanzhai version of the LED lamp belt box does not have these accessories, because some manufacturers can still save the province after all.

Understand these points, I believe that friends in the purchase of LED light belt will not only care about the price.

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