How To Add More Colors To LED Luminaire Colors

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With the technological innovation of LED, price decline and other changes, more and more manufacturers have entered this market. Lighting designers are increasingly looking forward to this new light source, which also increases the brightness of the luminaire and the requirements for controlling color consistency. New LED colors such as white, amber, cyan and violets are available. At first, the most popular combination was RGBA, which added amber chips.

This makes the shape of the gamut more like a rectangle than a triangle. Another variant is RGBW, which has a wide spectrum of white LEDs.

More new luminaires add white and Amber (Rgbaw) on an RGB basis. With the continuous progress of LED technology, chip manufacturers have also successfully produced dark red, cyan and blue LEDs.

These colors have been applied to 7-color systems (crimson, red, amber, green, cyan, blue, and blue), thus expanding the gamut and providing designers with more colors.

Controlling so many chips can be laborious, and the same color points in the color space can be obtained in a variety of combinations of power per chip.

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