Features Of Neon Lights

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1. High efficiency

Neon lights rely on the light at both ends of the electrode head in the high-voltage electric field to ignite the rare gas in the lamp, it is different from the ordinary light source must burn the tungsten filament to high temperature to glow, resulting in a large amount of electrical energy in the form of heat consumption, so, with the same amount of electricity, neon lights have a higher brightness.

2. Low temperature Neon lights because of its cold cathode characteristics, when working lamp temperature below 60°c, so can be placed in the open air sun or rain or work in water.

Also because of its working characteristics, the neon spectrum has a strong penetration force, in rainy days or fog day can still maintain a good visual effect.

3. Low energy consumption In the era of continuous technological innovation, neon manufacturing technology and related parts of the technical level is also constantly improving.

The application of new electrodes and new electronic transformers makes the power consumption of neon lights greatly reduced, and the power consumption of 56 watts per meter of lamp drops to 12 watts of power consumption per meter lamp.

4. Long Life

Neon lights in the continuous operation of continuous electricity, life of more than 10,000 hours, this advantage is difficult to achieve any other electric light source.

5. Flexibility and diversity

Neon lights are made of glass tubes, after burning, glass tubes can be bent into any shape, with great flexibility, by selecting different types of tubes and filling in different inert gases, neon lights can get colorful, a variety of colors of light.

6. Strong motion The neon screen is composed of constant light's lamp and dynamic luminescent scanning tube, which can be set up as a beat scan, gradient scan, mixed color discoloration seven color scans. The scanning tube is controlled by a scanner equipped with a microcomputer chip programming, and the scanning tube is lit or extinguished according to the programmed program, forming a pair of sub-flowing images, like the Rainbow in the sky, Elephant Earth Galaxy, more similar to a dream world, fascinating, unforgettable.

Therefore, neon light is a kind of advertising form with less input, strong effect and economical and practical.

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