Composition And Future Development Of Dimming System

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Perfect intelligent control should have manual control, intelligent control, light control, time control and fault alarm control functions.

When the sun goes down and lights up automatically, the illumination of the rear lights can be automatically halved at 12 o'clock midnight, and after dawn, the lamp can be automatically extinguished; In special cases, people can control it manually, while in the event of a luminaire failure, the control system can automatically alarm.

Intelligent dimming system is mainly composed of four parts: server, central controller, single chip controller and signal detection circuit. Server: Composed of the host computer and the host computer software, mainly realizes the monitoring operation and the alarm function.

The server is located in a control center such as street Lamp management, and its connection to the central controller can be made of power carrier, network or wireless.

Central Controller: Responsible for receiving the signal sent by the server, and decoding and sending to the unit controller, to achieve control, while the results of signal detection are transmitted to the server. Signal Detection circuit: detect ambient brightness, drive power supply voltage, current.

And the detected signal is sent to the unit controller or the central controller. Unit controller: Each LED lamp is equipped with a unit controller, by receiving the instructions of the central controller, the LED dimming or on and off control, while the LED lamp driving voltage, current through the signal detection circuit sent to the central controller.

Transfer the fault signal to the central controller in the event of a failure of the LED luminaire.

At present, in the field of road lighting, led applications are rapidly gaining popularity, long life and reliability is still the first element considered at present, but with the development of technology, when the life and reliability problems have been solved to a certain extent, LED lighting applications are bound to stride towards intelligent dimming system.

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