222nm Far UVC Excimer Tube Sample Light Sent to USA

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USA customer purchased 222nm far UVC excimer tube for testing. If the test is no problem, our customer will order 200pcs tubes.

For more details for the 222nm uvc tube, please click the link: https://www.suntechleds.com/far-uvc-lamp-light/far-uvc-excimer-light-accessory/far-uvc-tube/far-uvc-222nm-led-tube-light.html

Product Details

Input Voltage: DC24V

Tube Size: Φ28mm*120mm

Rated Power: 20W

Output Optical Power: 4500μW/cm² (0cm distance from the disinfection surface)

Lifespan: ≥4000 Hours

Product Picture

222nm excimer tube222nm UVC Excimer Tube

222nm far uvc light set

Tube and Accessories

package of 222nm excimer tube


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