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12V RGB Rings have been Sent to USA

Views: 0     Author: Zayn     Publish Time: 2022-01-14      Origin: https://www.suntechleds.com/

1300pcs DC12V RGB Rings have been sent to USA.

The size of the RGB ring and the number of LEDs on the ring can be customized according to client requirements,welcome to order our samples for testing. 

More details:https://www.suntechleds.com/led-pixel-ring/

If you need customized LED products, please click here to inquire.

                                                 Sample test before bulk order:

RGB Ring 5-Suntech

                                              bulk order:

RGB Ring 2-Suntech

RGB Ring 3-Suntech

RGB Ring 1-Suntech

RGB Ring 4-Suntech

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