0.3m 0.8m 1m LED Wall Washer Light and COB LED Strip Have Been Sent To Thailand

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Thailand customer customized and purchased different lengths of 0.3m 0.8m 1m LED wallwasher light, and IP65 320leds/m COB led strip. Thanks for the support of old customer.

Parameters of LED Wallwasher light:

Dimensions: L300/800/1000*W23*H45mm

Working voltage: DC24V

Power: 14W

Color: RGBW(3000K)

Control method: DMX512

Protection class: IP65

300mm LED Wallwasher light


Parameters of COB led strip:

Model: ST-320COB-24-IP65

LED Qty: 320leds/m

Color: 3000K

Voltage: DC24v

Width: 8mm

Protection class: IP65

COB led strip-1

COB led strip-2



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