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UVC Disinfection Light For Air Purifier And Surface Sterilize

UVC germicidal lamp sanitize the surrounding environment and makes your home clean and safe.

Product information

Product name : Ultraviolet germicidal lamp

Product model : ST-17UV


Power : 38W/60W

Voltage : 175V-265V

Dimension:460mm× Φ17mm,610mm× Φ17mm

Frequency : 50HZ UVC


Time options : button , remote ,Radar induction

UV tube serving time : ≧6 0 0 0 h

Why choose UVC lamp?

1. Healthy: UV light disinfection has the advantages of colorless, odorless, and no chemical residues, etc. It is widely used in daily life. Very effective in inactivating a variety of microorganisms                             (including the chlorine-resistant pathogens Cryptosporidium and Giardia).

2. Effective: UV light sanitizer are more effective than liquid disinfectants. After disinfection, they have no irritating odor. The applicable area is 40 square meters. It is easy to store, safe and                                  convenient to use. This bacterial UVC lamps can kill up to 99.9% of most viruses, airborne bacteria and mold spores.

3. Convenient: The remote control helps the user to turn on/off the lamp from up to 20 feet away. Just press the time button on the controller, the lights will be turned on. And it has timing                                 function. When the time is up, the light bulb will automatically turn off.


1. Plug it in. Press the On/Off button on the remote control to turn on the lamp.

2. Use the remote control to select the corresponding disinfection time(15minutes /30 minutes    

    /60 minutes).The corresponding indicator will light up.and the lamp will start up after 15 seconds.

3. When sterilizing, no humans or animals can be indoors,and people should stand outside to control the sterilizing lamp with remote control.

4. After disinfection according to the selected irradiation time,the ultraviolet lamp will automatically shut down and stop working.

5. During the working period of the ultraviolet lamp, please prevent people or animals from entering the disinfection place. lf you need to stop the work,please press the remote control: ON/FF.

6. With Intelligent motion sensing function, it will automatically turnoff when people entering the sensing area distance of 3-5 meters, sensitive sensing.

Time of use

15Min: It is suitable for disinfection of small space such as toilet, bathroom and kitchen. 30Min:Applicable to< 20 square meters of space disinfection, quick disinfection. 60Min: Applicable to<40 square meters of space disinfection, disinfection effect more thorough.

ATTENTION:  When the ultraviolet disinfection lamp is turned on, people and animals must leave the disinfection place to avoid being burned by ultraviolet rays.


Bactericidal UVC lamp care your health and remove viruses, airborne bacteria and mold spores.

Bactertiostatic UVC Lighting keep you away from germs.


Remote control UVC germicidal lamp with timing function to ensure your safety.





1. Q: How does UV light kill germs?    

   A: Utilizing the characteristic that 253.7nm (254nm) wavelength ultraviolet light is easily absorbed by organisms, it mainly acts on the organism’s genetic material DNA. Ultraviolet rays can damage and break DNA in a short period of time (less than 1 second), leading to the death of bacteria. Because germs, microorganisms and bacteria are all DNA organisms, ultraviolet rays can also damage them.

2. Q: Is this UV disinfection device safe?

  A:Yes, we use remote control to avoid users direct exposure to ultraviolet rays and ensure your safety.

3. Q: How to deal with emergency after being burned by ultraviolet disinfection lamp?

   A: You can smear tea oil or skin cream on th`e affected area immediately. In mild cases, it can recover within a few days. In severe cases, it may continuously for 3 to 4 days. Be careful not to scrub the burned area. Generally, the burned area will automatically heal after a week.

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