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LED flood light VS Spot light

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      When it comes to outdoor lighting projects, there are many options. Among all available lamps, the most energy-efficient ones are those with LED technology. So it can be said that LED is the only way, but we must know the required beam, the required beam width and how to calculate the required beam spread. Let's look at some of the main differences between outdoor LED floodlights and LED spotlights.

      A table about the difference of LED flood light and Spot light


LED flood light

Spot light

Beam Angle


50°— 120°

Lighting area




points or details lighting

large space lighting

    From the table we can know: Spotlight-LED spotlight will project a narrow side beam. This beam expansion is concentrated in a more specific area and is easier to guide. Floodlights-LED produce a large beam spread , Since the larger beam, the light can cover a lot of space without changing energy efficiency (wattage) or brightness (lumens).


    Then which one to choose?

    When you want to highlight specific points or details, such as museum artwork, landscaping features or displayed items, you can see LED spotlights.


    If your project needs to illuminate a large space that requires a wide and evenly distributed space, then outdoor LED floodlights are the floodlights you want to use. These lights are used in parking lots, warehouses, other commercial spaces and driveways.


    How to measuring coverage area?

    It is helpful to have a general understanding of what you can use to set up spotlights or floodlights, but being able to measure the coverage of each light with your feet can make lighting projects run more smoothly. When you need to do the following, keep this formula:

Distance from bulb x beam angle x 0.018 = beam width (in feet)

    For example, if you want to use a 90-degree floodlight to cover an area of 20 feet, as following:

    20 x 90 x 0.018 = 32.4 feet(9.87m)


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