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Mobile Thermometry Disinfection Channel Smart Automatic Disinfection Tunnel

Smart automatic disinfection tunnel

Mobile thermometry disinfection channel smart automatic disinfection tunnel

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How the disinfection gate works ? 

Product description of mobile thermometry disinfection channel smart automatic disinfection tunnel


Main Part



Face recognition

External personnel screening

File storage

It can carry out identity authentication and file storage in areas with large population flow, such as shopping malls, stations,community factories, etc.

It can also clock in and record the temperature of employees, and make alarm and interception foroutsiders


Infrared human body

temperature measurement

Sound-light alarm

Using high-precision infrared spectrum sensor and calibrated by blackbody radiation source, it can measure body temperaturewithout contact for a long distance, which can effectively avoid cross-infection of body temperature.


Smart display

The body temperature monitor can adjust the temperature difference of seasonal changes, which can display the body temperature
more accurately


Smart spray disinfection for

hand washing

The temperature measuring area is equipped with intelligent induction sprayer, no contact induction spraying, safety and hygiene,can carry out effective sterilization


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Application of mobile thermometry disinfection channel smart automatic disinfection tunnel



1.Q: How long does one round of the system take (from beginning to end)?

A: 10S/Person

2.Q: How long does a school with 1000 students take?

A: Around 3 hours, so 5 sets disinfection channels are recommended for a school with 1000 students.

3. Q: Where this channel should be used?

A: All kinds of public area

4. Q: What's kind of installation service will be provided?

A: Mobile Temperature Measurement& Disinfection Channel is completely assembled, no need any installation at site.

5. Q: What's material of main body?

A: Material:Galvanized steel+Electrostatic Spraying, Thickness: 1.5mm

6. Q: Is light equipped in the channel?

A: Yes, one LED light is equipped on the ceiling

7. Q: Is there foldable ramped aisle for wheelchair passing?

A: Yes, two ramp aisles on both sides of channel for wheelchair passing.

8. Q: What's the disinfection method?

A: Fog spray method for disinfection of hands, feet and whole body.

9. Q: What's the Disinfectant?

A: Diluted solution of chlorine dioxide 100-400PPM or Hypochlorous acid diluted solution 50-200PPM or other disinfectant as per user's request.



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