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Infrared Disinfection Channel Sterilizer Tunnel

Infrared disinfection channel

Infrared disinfection channel sterilizer tunnel


1. AI operation processEquipped with artificial intelligence operating system and no processe need manual operation, the equipment can avoid various errors caused by non-standard operator technology.

2. Automatic sensing of life detection functionEquipped with microwave life detection sensor, when there is life into the system,it automatically open the working process, more convenient.

3. High precision infrared spectrum sensor for aerospace industry
Equipped with high-precision infrared spectrum sensor for external use in aerospace industry, non-contact body temperature collection can be completed with the black-body radiation source calibration,and judge whether there is anything abnormal with AI system to avoid cross-infection, which is fast and efficient.

4. Thermal sensing systemEquipped with thermal sensor system to distinguish between body surface heat dissipation and internal heat, effectively exclude the increase of body temperature after exercise from the abnormal situation, saving more time

5. Special sterilizer for high frequency partIt is more professional to install non-contact induction sterilizer and sole cleaner.

6. Nanoscale microsensor atomizerThe nanometer atomizer is used for spray disinfection to reduce the discomfort of common spray disinfection and meet the needs of users.

7. Ozone generator double sterilizationEquipped with ozone generator, it can use oxygen in the air and oxygen ions in the water to produce ozone, which can quickly kill bacteria and viruses in the air, without any residue, and will not cause secondary pollution.

8. Optional food grade disinfectantIn order to ensure the stability of disinfection effect, the equipment is equipped with food-grade disinfectant, which can be widely used in the disinfection of fruits and vegetables. The ratio of disinfectant is implemented in strict accordance with the national standard PPM value, so as to ensure personal safety.

9. Large capacity disinfectant containerIn order to ensure the long-term continuous working efficiency of the equipment, the equipment is equipped with a large capacity of memory, which can cope with the long-term supply of disinfectant.

10. Waste collectorIn order to avoid secondary pollution, a waste liquid collection box is designed at the bottom of the equipment to collect waste liquid, so as to avoid cross-infection of used residual waste liquid and prevent pollution to the environment and human body.

11. The ramp stepsConsidering the occurrence of a variety of situations, the steps are specially designed as ramp steps for the convenience of wheelchairs, first-aid beds and other equipment.

12. Convenient mobileThe epidemic will eventually be defeated. In order to facilitate the movement of equipment, we have equipped high-strength casters and brake assistance system to facilitate the movement in various occasions.

13. Power supply To facilitate the use of various environments, we design this device as 220V alternating current, and the power is no higher than 1000W, and the energy consumption is no higher than 100W when standby, which is more energy saving and environmental friendly.In addition, it is equipped with LED lighting system to provide brightness when the light source is insufficient.



Design concept of infrared disinfection channel sterilizer tunnel

Our intelligent temperature disinfection channel uses an artificial intelligence system to control the operation process and ensure the standardization of test and disinfection. The process of automatic detection of living body is started by microwave detector, and the temperature is detected by high-precision infrared spectrum sensor of aerospace industry. 

The error was controlled within ±0.2℃, at the same time, the thermal sensor system can distinguish body surface heat dissipation from heat, and the AI system can analyzewhether it is a fever, which is more efficient. Also can simultaneously carry on the synchronous micro sense atomization disinfection, greatly reduced the virus survival probability. 

Non contact operation can avoid the risk of infection and reduce the risk and workload of security personnel.




Packing of Infrared disinfection channel sterilizer tunnel






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