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Foldable Disinfection Tunnel Mobile Thermometry Disinfection Channel

Foldable mobile thermometry disinfection tunnel

Foldable disinfection tunnel mobile thermometry disinfection channel

Four functions of the foldable thermometry disinfection tunnel 

1. Infrared body temperature detection

2. Ultrasonic atomization whole body disinfection

3. Contactless alcohol hand sanitizing

4. Face recognition system to realize personnel control(optional) 

Features of Foldable thermometry disinfection tunnel 

1.Infrared human body temperature monitor

With high-precision infrared spectroscopy sensor, the temerature monitor system can achieve contact-less body temperature collection, effectively avoid cross-infection, and abnormal temperature alarm.

2. Automatic induction spray with ultrasonic atomizating system

The mobile temperature disinfection tunnel apply a atomizing method to reduce waste and provide a more comprehensize spray disinfection.

3. Contact-less hand sanitizing
The entrance of the personnel control mobile thermometer disinfection tunnel sterilizer is installed with a non-contact hand sterilizer with induction spray for safer hand sanitizing.

4. Face recognition system
The face recognition system of epidemic mibile disinfection tunnel can record human face cases, which can effectively recognize personnel in and out of fixed and dense places such as office buildings, schools, communities, factories, etc., automatically intercept outsiders, and achieve rapid control of personnel during the outbreak.

5. Body friendly spray system
A low angle of atomizing can effectively avoid discomfort caused by direct face spray.

6. Food grade disinfectants
The mobile epidemic prevent mobile thermometry disinfection tunnel sterilizer uses food-grade disinfectant in strict accordance with the national health standard PM value to help protect human health and safety.

7. Automatic fluid replacement
The equipment has a large-capacity 15L liquid storage tank, which can automatically refill the atomization tank to reduce workload and personnel cost and risk.

8. Waste liquid collection
The bottom of the mobile disinfection tunnel is designed with a waste liquid collection tank which can completely collect the waste liquid after sterilization for recycling to prevent environmental pollution.

9. Foldable design

The disinfection tunnel apply foldable design, easy to install, better for packaging and transportation

10. Movable with wheels more convenient

The samrt mobile disinfection channel has two sets of self-brake universal wheels to help fast moving and lay-out in epidemic prevent or emergency use



Dimensions of the foldable thermometry disinfection tunnel 

Size: 1900mm(L) *1200mm(W) * 2400mm(H)
Weight: 400kg
Operating voltage: AC 220V
Rated power: 400W
Main material: Cold-rolled steel plate
Temperature collection Location: Face

Temperature collection time: 1s

Temperature collection range: 30-40 ° C


Application scenes of the foldable thermometry disinfection tunnel 

The foldable thermometry disinfection tunnel can be used in hospitals, schools, stations, subways, high-speed rail, enterprises, communities, hotels, malls, supermarkets, office buildings, scenic spots, entertainment venues, banks etc.



1. Q: How long does one round of the system take (from beginning to end)?

A: 10S/Person

2. Q: How long does a school with 1000 students take?

A: Around 3 hours, so 5 sets disinfection channels are recommended for a school with 1000 students.

3. Q: Where this channel should be used?

A: All kinds of public area

4. Q: Is light equipped in the channel?

A: Yes, one LED light is equipped on the ceiling

5. Q: Is there foldable ramped aisle for wheelchair passing?

A: Yes, two ramp aisles on both sides of channel for wheelchair passing.

6. Q: What's the disinfection method?

A: Fog spray method for disinfection of hands, feet and whole body.

7. Q: What's the Disinfectant?

A: Diluted solution of chlorine dioxide 100-400PPM or Hypochlorous acid diluted solution 50-200PPM or other disinfectant as per user's request.



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