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N95 Respirator With Valve FFP2 Mask CE Certified 5 Ply

N95 respirator with valve FFP2 mask anti virus

N95 respirator with valve FFP2 mask protective factory supply

Product Features

1.Disposable, single-use, breathable, light and environment-friendly

2.Adjustable head strap help fit different users and dual point attachment helps provide a secure seal

3. Soft nose cushion for easy and comfortable fit
4. Adjustable nosepiece for extra comfort
5. Breathing valve enables easy breathing and helps avoid moisture fogging inside the mask
6. At least 95 percent filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles
7. Activated carbon layers helps reduce organic odor and smell


In-Stock-CE-FDA-Disposable-Dust-KN95 (3)

In-Stock-CE-FDA-Disposable-Dust-KN95 (2)

Structures of CE certified FFP2 5 ply N95 Face Mask

5-layer high-effective filter the bacteria structure
1 layer: Double soft non-woven, absorbs dust, odors and harmful particles
2 layer: PP cotton fillter pm2.5 dust
3 layer: ES Hot air filter cotton, pre-filtering the particulate matter and bacteria
4 layer: Meltblown non-woven, thicker than the others, that filters more than 98% of bacteria
5 layer: Skin-friendly non-woven, not only filter particulates but also friendly to sensitive skin


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Widely Application of CE certified FFP2 5 ply N95 Face Mask

Application: Hospital, food processing, beauty parlor, dust workshop and simple protective working environment

Suitable for outdoor cycling enthusiasts, home improvement, DIY engineering, construction, sanding, sawing, lawn mowing, cleaning, gardening, etc



How to wear the CE certified FFP2 5 ply N95 Face Mask ?

1. Face the side of the mask without the nose clip, and pull the ear straps with both hands so that the nose clip is above the mask

2. Use a mask against your chin

3. Pull the ear band behind your ear and adjust the ear band

4. Place your fingers in the middle of the metal nose clip and press your finger inward while moving your fingertips along the nose clip to the sides to make the mask fit the nose

5. Cover the mask with both hands and check the tightness of the mask to the face




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