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Disposable Children Face Mask CE Certified

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Disposable children face mask CE certified protect your kids

Disposable children face mask CE certified factory supply


1. Materials: oft non woven fabrics,breathable and confortable

2. Size: 17.5 x 9.5cm,14.5x9.5cm,12.5x9.5cm

4. Filter rate: ≥90% 95% or 99% (we have NELSON test report)

5. Color: white/blue/green/red/pink/yellow etc
6. Pattern: elastic earloop & tie-on bands,1ply/2ply/3ply/4ply are both available




Structure of the disposable children face mask 



Why should your children wear our disposable children face mask ? 

1.Face masks are designed to protect against large droplets, splashes, or sprays of bodily or other hazardous fluids

2.Wearing masks also protects patients from the wearer's respiratory emissions

3.Quality face masks reduce the wearer's exposure to particles including small-particle aerosols and large droplets, filtering out at least 95% of airborne particles

4.With the breakout of COVID-19, a children face mask can protect your children from the infection of the virus

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